oil industry upstream and downstream

Welcome to Oil and Fuel Industry, Today I will tell info about the Oil Industry Upstream and Downstream. Middle industries are usually included with downstr

Oil Industry Upstream and Downstream
Oil Industry Upstream:
Oil industry upstream
The petroleum industry includes exploration , extraction , refining , transportation (usually by oil tankers and pipelines ) and marketing of oil products .

The highest value of products in the industry fuel oil , and gasoline . Oil is also a raw material that is used in many chemical products ,

Including medicines, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. The oil industry is usually divided into three main branches: upstream , central and downstream .

Middle industries are usually included with downstream industries.

All of its important components are research and development, and Aramco has a long tradition in this field.

And the number of patents registered to them annually proves this, but from a personal point of view,

Where she worked as an engineer for the oil and gas fields for many years traveling between land and sea drilling equipment,

And by daily friction with the national cadres working in this sector, whether in the upstream industry

Or the downstream industry or the intermediate industry between them, found that some of those who

” Saudi Aramco has outstanding ideas and amazing solutions for some of the projects Lattes or obstacles faced by the oil industry in general,

Has been translated into patents serve the country in general and the oil sector in particular.

Including the provision of operating costs and the improvement of performance efficiency,

Including the addition of quality to raise the level of safety, which is one of the most important advantages owned by Saudi Aramco, and does not accept in any way to prejudice them.

Oil Downstream Industry:
Oil downstream industry
Oil and gas downstream industry – As we have seen, oil and gas industry activities consist of two activities,

Namely upstream industry and downstream industry (upstream business and downstream business). In the previous article,

We discussed all activities covering the upstream oil and gas industry, so to complete this article.

I will try to discuss the activities of the oil and gas downstream industry which is the second phase of all oil

And gas industry activities so that various types of petroleum products are produced which is widely used by people today.

Definition of Downstream Oil Industry:
In general, the downstream oil and gas business can be interpreted as a process of processing crude oil

And natural gas up to the marketing stage of production, this process includes processing, transportation, storage and trading (marketing).

Upstream Oil and Gas Industry:
Oil and gas industry activities are classified into two core activities, namely upstream oil and gas industry activities

And downstream industrial activities or often referred to as upstream business and downstream business.

This article will discuss the upstream oil and gas activities which are the basic stages of all process activities.

In the oil field to produce various kinds of petroleum products that are widely used by the community.

This stage is the second series of processes from the Upstream oil and gas industry activities to produce oil and gas from the area that has been proven to contain resources in it.

Exploitation consists of several parts, namely the stage of drilling development and the stage of providing facilities and production stages, along with the explanation:

Development Drilling.It is the process of making advanced wells in accordance with operating standards and completing the desired production pattern.
Provision of Facilities.This stage is the process of providing various supporting infrastructure such as technology, types of equipment and oil and gas shelters.
Production Stage.After the provision of infrastructure is in accordance with the standard of operation, the production phase will be continued, namely the process of lifting oil and gas to the surface using technology and tools that have been determined.
After the petroleum is above the surface, then a basic purification process will be carried out with the aim of removing solid molecules.

And unwanted solutions. Then it will be stored in a holding tank and ready to be sent to the next processing unit.

Some discussion about the process of upstream oil and gas industry , hopefully useful for those of you who need information about this process.

The exploration process is the basic stage in the upstream oil and gas industry which consists of three parts,

Namely geological investigation and geophysical investigation and exploration drilling, along with an explanation:

Geological Investigation Stage.It is an activity that aims to determine the types of rocks, chemical composition, age of rocks,
The structure of the soil layer and the potential of the region to contain oil and gas.
The main purpose of this process is to predict whether the region has natural resources in it.
Geophysical Stage.This process includes the mapping phase of the underground structure and looking for structures that might.
Become oil and gas traps or often known as traps or prospects. This process is usually carried out by seismic surveys.
Drilling drilling.This stage is often also called proof drilling because basically this stage aims to prove whether a trap that was believed in the previous stage actually contained oil and gas.
This process is carried out by drilling with a certain depth according to the mapping of underground structures.
Closer to the Upstream Oil Industry:
The Upstream Oil and Gas Industry (Oil and Gas) is an industry with a high risk level,

So that it is directly proportional to the results of exploration and exploitation produced.

Until now the oil and gas sector remains the largest contributor to Indonesia’s income after tax.

Whereas on the other hand, when world oil prices dropped dramatically to the lowest level of 47 US dollars since April 2009, and began to rise gradually.

Whether with the decline in world oil prices will affect the wheels of the Indonesian economy,

Let us get to know more closely the Indonesian upstream oil and gas industry.

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