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Oil Industry Opportunities Looking Forward

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Welcome to Oil and Fuel Industry, Today I will Share info about the Oil Industry Opportunities. The vegetable oil extracted from palm trees. It is Amazing..

The best investment in oils comes from Malaysian trees. The vegetable oil extracted from palm trees,

Which is usually used with the ingredients of chocolate Snickers, is converted into diesel for trucks,

After oil prices more than doubled over the past three years, prompting governments to encourage production Renewable fuel sources.

Palm oil prices this month have reached their highest limits. In two years, and increased 15 percent last year, outpacing crude oil used in diesel production. 

Oil industry open opportunities:

Oil Industry Opportunities

Ms. Hassaniah Hashim is the first female executive vice president of Kuwait Oil Company,

A recognized figure. She talks to Afaq about her recent challenges, namely, identifying the global holdings of the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum.

Exploration Company and her dream of encouraging women to join the oil industry.

Women in the Oil Industry Opportunities: 

Women in oil industry

This talk leads her to a subject that is really enthusiastic about her defending the opportunities for women in this sector,

And notes with a smile that women in higher institutions get higher results than their male counterparts.

Hasaniah Hashim founded the Kuwait Women’s Network of Professional Women and was its first female president.

This network encourages the work of women in the industry by organizing several workshops specifically for young female students,

Where they talk to Hassania Hashim and feel pleasure in doing so.

“We organize seminars, which are attended by women from the top of the industry inside and outside Kuwait.

 We have a distinguished presence, and we are all asked about the dates for the resumption of the seminars,

So we are now organizing a bi-monthly seminar. Everyone wants to contribute,

And I am proud to see women in the industry looking to learn from these expert women. ˝

The next phase will see the expansion of the network activities to include all Kuwaiti .

Benefit from partnership with international oil industry:

And this issue is exacerbated by the absence of international oil companies in which local people can practice

And benefit from technology, experience and training. Today there are a few limited service agreements with international oil companies,

Including Total, by Hasniyeh Hashim as an example of how close cooperation could be established between Kuwait

And international oil companies. It says the relationship between KOC and Total and the exchange of technology has created a “strong technical ladder between the two companies.

The company also cooperates with Total in exploration and production in two countries, Southern Sudan and Yemen.

Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Industry Opportunities:

Oil, gas and chemicals

The primary time, herbal fuel continues to make bigger its percentage of key markets, and chemicals has seen robust sales increase.

Now, the industry is coming into the new year with expanded volatility in fees and regulatory overhangs amidst many new commercial enterprise opportunities.

Nigeria is blessed with many food products and natural resources. Most of these resources are raw materials

Required for the production of finished products, making it an opportunity to invest in the export of these materials.

Examples of raw materials are increasing demand both inside and outside Nigeria, chili, mango, kola nut, kaku and cashew nuts.

In the event that the investor does not have sufficient capital or time to invest in the export of agricultural products,

He can buy and sell such products in Nigeria. Palm oil is one of the products that can make huge profits from buying and selling.

Oil Industry Opportunities in Nigeria:

Nigeria is still a center for most entrepreneurs and investors, it is the largest economy in Africa now,

as it is the first destination for foreign direct investment in the continent, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world,

Making many South African companies and China are scrambling to invest, and according to the site ” Profitableventure “ .

There are many reasons why Nigeria is a prime destination for investment, with 150 million people living,

And its population is expected to exceed the population of the United States by 2050,

Which means that it is a market large enough to accommodate any product and cheap labor.

Nigeria is developing rapidly. Between 2009 and 2016, new companies have been launched

That have led to the transformation of many industries such as MTN and Konga.

Due to the difficult economic situation in Nigeria, the population is ready to buy used clothing instead of new clothes.

A delegation of Iraqi companies specialized in the field of oil and gas meeting with their

Saudi counterparts in the Eastern region within two weeks, to discuss prospects for export to the Iraqi market,

Saleh Al-Salami, Secretary General of the Export Development Authority, stressed the presence of a meeting in the oil

And gas sector during the next two weeks with the Iraqi companies specialized in oil and gas.

Pointing out that foodstuffs are the most products exported to Iraq, followed by building materials.


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