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Oil and Gas Workers:
Oil and Gas workers
This condition, is expected to increase, along with the economic recovery of developed countries.

So that demand for oil and gas will rise and this will ultimately make oil prices expected to increase.

For this reason, the oil and gas industry is estimated to still be one sector, which can be used as a guideline for millennials to find good salaries and welfare in terms of employment.

Oil and Gas Industry with a Large Salary:
Oil and Gas Industry salary
Salaries of employees in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia are claimed to be still less than the standard salary abroad.

The Special Task Force on Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) tries to explain the minimum and maximum salaries of workers in this sector.

Head of the Special Oil and Gas Work Unit (SKK Migas) Rudi Rubiandini said that for the salary of oil.

And gas workers who have just entered Fresh Graduate, the average is around Rp 7 million per month.

“The new one is around Rp. 7 million per month,” said Rudi to detikFinance, Thursday (05/16/2013).

As for the salaries of high-ranking oil and gas companies in Indonesia, there is a monthly income of Rp 150 million per month.

“If you want to retire and the highest leader can be IDR 150 million per month,” he said.

With the salary amount, it is certainly very tempting, especially for current oil engineering graduates.

So it is only natural that there are many students and students who continue their education in petroleum engineering study programs.

With the hope that someday they can work in well-known oil and gas companies with adequate salary amounts.

As an illustration, the author himself has a relative who is currently working on a domestic oil and gas company.

Especially in processing units ( refinery units).) or often also called an oil refinery.

Since 7 years he worked for the company, until now the total salary he receives each month reaches 17 million rupiah.

You can imagine how much salary he will receive in the future along with the longer he has a career in the company where he works now.

Oil and Gas Companies in Indonesia:
Oil and Gas Companies

It is no secret that salary standards in mining companies, especially oil and gas, are usually above the average salary standards of other industries.

So do not be surprised if job vacancies in these companies are always hunted by many people.

But like other industries, salary standards in one company also depend on their respective positions and fields of work.

In the oil and gas industry, employees who usually receive more remuneration are engineers or engineers.

We compare the salary data of engineers in a number of oil and gas companies, whose data is taken from the Salary Info page at Qerja.

Which is filled directly by the employees of the company and has been verified by our team.

Some positions such as Geologist and Reservoir Engineer, the salary data is quite complete in all companies.

But there are also some positions that the data salary had not been di- submit that we can not show.

Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia:
Oil and Gas Cooperation Contractor (contractor) is a business entity or permanent establishment established to carry out exploration.

And exploitation in a work area based on a cooperation contract with the implementing agency.

Remuneration is all income received by foreign workers who work for listed contractors.

In the budget work plan (RKA) that has been approved by the implementing agency.

The implementing agency is an entity formed to carry out upstream business activities in the oil and gas sector.

Foreign workers based on PMK are foreign nationals holding a visa with the intention of working.

For contractors based on assignments from the parent contracting company .

Oil and Gas Industry Foreign Company Wages:
Head Development Media Relations Total E & P Indonesia Kristanto Hartadi acknowledges the amount of this salary.

Total E & P, a oil and gas company from France, also pays its employees. “Even in Total.

Moreover we have a policy to give every employee the total opportunity to work in all of the representatives around the world.

So that workers have a high experience to work with foreign workers,” Kristanto said when contacted by detikFinance.

According to Kristanto, all Total E & P workers, including in Indonesia, are also paid based on international standards of oil and gas workers.

Oil and gas industry:
This is an industry with the best remuneration and quite evenly at several levels.

Both above, or below, the difference in salary in this field is not too far from the difference.

Besides working in this industry, you will get some benefits that are far better than others.

Call it health insurance, pensions, stock options and more. This is what makes employees in this industry feel comfortable working here than other companies.

In fact, with that loyalty, many of the employees were reluctant to move to other industries on the grounds .

That retirement savings were getting higher, the number of shares held and other options.

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