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look back at the history of oil the colonial oil industry

Welcome to Oil and Fuel Industry, Today I will share info about the history of the oil industry. Because it requires a very large amount of money.

History of the colonial oil industry
The development of massive oil exploitation using modern machinery began about a century and a half ago

Since Colonel Drake succeeded in mining oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859. Since then, oil has been called black gold.

Russia and America control the world’s oil and gas supply. But America became the largest oil corporation, the Standard Oil Company controlled by John. D. Rockefeller.

As part of the world’s petroleum history, Indonesia had experienced glory in the days of the Dutch East Indies.

History of Oil Industry exploration in the Dutch East Indies:
History of oil exploration

Since the days of the Dutch East Indies, oil was a new commodity that was successful at the beginning of the 20th century.

Initially oil was only used as a simple lighting tool by local residents.

But the “oil boom” which dominated the world market began to be discovered and cultivated in the interior and offshore areas,

So the Dutch East Indies government felt rushed to find and explore oil resources for export commodities.

History of Oil Industry Multinational competition:
Multinational competition
In the politics of oil monopoly, the Dutch government must compete with Britain, America and Japan.

But the realization of the oil monopoly is actually difficult because it requires a very large amount of money.

To control oil production, the Netherlands limits the number of Shell shares that cannot be more than 50%.

Since then, more than 70% of oil production in the Dutch East Indies has been controlled by BPM.

The establishment of Royal Dutch Shell (often called Shell), as described by Thomas Lindblad in

The Petroleum Industry in Indonesia before the Second World War, was also initiated from Dutch-British competition.

Besides being full of competition, oil plays a role in facilitating colonialism in the Dutch East Indies.

Oil is the driving source of modernity, where machinery and transportation equipment move continuously to accelerate economic and social mobility.

Along with the development of the oil industry, many cities emerged because they benefited from the oil economy,

Namely the development of urban cities such as Pangkalan Brandan, Dumai, Plaju, and Balikpapan.

An infrastructure network was built to transport oil from the interior to the port.

Inter-island trade controlled by BPM is also carried out from increasingly large oil production

And connects the Dutch East Indies with world economic networks. Dutch East Indies oil exports were sent to America.

The oil industry has created an industrial society. Employees working in BPM companies and other foreign oil companies began to consume modern goods.

History of Oil Industry in Indonesia:
Petroleum began to be known by the Indonesian people from the middle ages. Acehnese use petroleum to light fireballs

When fighting the Portuguese fleet. Modern development of oil and gas in Indonesia began when the first drilling was carried out in 1871,

Namely in the village of Maja, Majalengka, West Java, by a Dutch entrepreneur named Jan Reerink.

But the results are not in accordance with those expected and finally closed.

The discovery of the first oil source in Indonesia occurred in 1883 namely the Telaga Tiga oil field

And Telaga Said near Pangkalan Brandan by a Dutchman named A.G. Zeijlker. This discovery was followed by other discoveries,

Namely in Pangkalan Brandan and Telaga Tunggal. The discovery of the Telaga Said field by Zeijlker

Became the first capital of an oil company now known as Shell. At the same time, also found the Ledok oil field

In Cepu, Central Java, Black Oil near Muara Enim, South Sumatra, and Riam Kiwa in the Sanga-Sanga area, Kalimantan.

Source: Oil and gas

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